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Pre-Purchase Real-Estate Investment Analysis Report


Author:  Pierce Business Systems
Revision Date:  September 28, 2002
Byte Size:  42KB
License:  SharewareLicense,  Warranty Disclaimer
Cost:  $10 per Property Purchase (payment at closing, not per property analyzed)
Requirements:  Microsoft Excel 97 or higher is required to run this XL Report
Report Images:  Cover Page,   Summary of Inputs,   Sample Graphs,   More Sample Graphs

  Executive Summary Report,   Cash Flow Report,    Mortgage & Equity Report
Description:  Are you preparing to invest in real estate?  Have you begun analyzing properties but are having difficulty accurately determining after tax cash flow?  Are you having difficulty modeling different size down payments or the impact of raising rental rates? 

This Microsoft Excel analysis spreadsheet will assist you with answering these questions and many more easily.  You simply enter all inputs (purchase price, downpayment, term in years, etc.) into a single concise page, after which all analysis reports and graphs are immediately calculated for your review.  You can alter any of the input parameters to immediately model the impact each input variable poses for the ten-year projection. 

This spreadsheet is intended for use by all levels of investors, from real estate professionals providing investment analysis reports specific to their clients for each property of interest, or for the novice just getting started with their first investment property.

The PPREIA spreadsheet was developed in and requires Microsoft Excel 97 (or greater) to run.