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Author: WinTestGear
Version Number: 1.0.3 - Release Notes - Wish List
Revision Date: December 5, 2010
Byte Size: 2,132KB  (558KB zipped)
License: Freeware, Warranty Disclaimer
Cost: Free
Requirements: Microsoft Excel 2003 or newer.
Installation: No installation; simply copy & paste the XLS template to a shared server, then set the XLS file's "share workbook" to "allow more than one user to make changes" mode.
Screen Shots: Snapshot Summary, Trend Graphs, Test Case Entry, Help

Do you develop and test software...if so you may often run into these questions...
   1. Are we ready to ship? 
   2. How much longer will it take to test? 
   3. If we release now, what is our exposure (lack of test coverage)? 
   4. Are we systematically regression testing existing functionality, or adhoc testing differently each time?
   5. Are we capturing every bug in a test case to prevent recurrence? 
   6. How is our quality trending from test cycle to test cycle? 
   7. Do we have proven written test cases on which to start automating?  
   TCMLite is a free, simple, highly configurable test case management tool enabling you to better answer
   these and questions.  Use TCMLite to design, write, and execute your test cases.  Your entire test team
   can concurrently access the same test case repository (XLS file) using Excel's "shared workbooks"
   feature (Help section 1.4).

   See TCM and PPPREIA for the predecessors to TCMLite.

If TCMLite does not fulfill your needs, then consider trying one of these similar products offered by
   other vendors: TestLink, SpeedTest, ZetaTest, TestMaster, StickyMinds template,
   Orcanos Test Management , TCMS

Screenshot #1 - Current Test Cycle Snapshot:

Screenshot #2 - Past Test Cycles Trend:

Screenshot #3 - Test Case Entry:

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