Simple Software Solutions

Retired Products
These apps can still be downloaded, and will run fine; but further enhancement has ceased.  TaskZip was written in VB6; and may be re-written in C# in the near future.  The other apps were written in/for Microsoft Access; and unless I receive numerous requests, there are no plans on updating them.  Several planned C# apps take priority.

                                                                                                                                     - Matt Pierce
TaskZip -  V2.10: 
Backup utilty for automating zip copies of your important work.

MDBDecoIcon.gif (1072 bytes)

MDBDecompiler  -  V1.01:   
Utility to fix MDB files corrupt due to compilation errors (GPFs or unrecoverable filesize in source code).

MDB Recover PW  -  V1.02: 
Utility to recover Microsoft Access database passwords.
MDBRepairIcon.gif (1036 bytes) MDB Repair Tool  -  V1.01: 
Utility to repair and rebuild (if necessary) a corrupt MDB file for which a standard repair will not work.

MDBTask  -  V1.00: 
Utility for Microsoft Access database maintenance (backups, repair and compacts, run batch jobs)

Development Tools
Buggit  -  V2.20:
Simple client-server based bug tracking system.

 MDBDiffIcon.gif (989 bytes)

MDB Diff  -  V2.05:
Quickly locate table, field, index, relation, and query structural differences between two Access mdb files.
Test Case Manager  -  V2.11
Simple client-server based Test Case Management system.

TCMIcon.gif (1042 bytes)

VBA Code Manager   -  V1.01: 
Source code library containing a broad range of subroutines.

Productivity Applications

Billit Time Tracker  -  V2.55: 
Track employee tasks and time spent working on those tasks. Includes powerful reports summarizing time and costs, break-down by project, department, employee, WBS Code, and more.
Pre-Purchase Real Estate Investment Analysis Report -  V1.00: 
Modeling tool to plan real estate investments.


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