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Download MSSQL.SchemaDiff
Author: WinTestGear
Version Number: - Release Notes - Wish List
Revision Date: August 3, 2010 
Byte Size: 441KB  (107KB zipped)
License: Freeware, Warranty Disclaimer
Cost: Free
Requirements: .NET Framework 3.5 installed; Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher
Installation: No installation; simply copy & paste the single EXE file where you need it.
Screen Shots: Database Selection Dialog, Main Results Form, Legend, Diff Viewer, Options,
   Status Window, Help About Dialog

Description: Use MSSQL Schema Diff to compare database schemas.  It quickly and easily locates
  structural differences between two SQL Server databases.  Results are clearly displayed with MSSQL
  objects in a familiar SQL Management Studio tree layout with property comparisons in a matching data grid. 
  Intuitive icons and color codes make it easy to spot differences.  Filter buttons make it easy to narrow down
  to just what is different or missing from one or the other database.  Usage is simple; simply select two
  MSSQL databases, click Compare, then browse the  differences. 

  Best of all, MSSQL Schema Diff is free to use, and free to distribute!

Use MSSQL.SchemaDiff to:
   - Troubleshoot and find errors caused by database differences
   - Ensure consistency between dev, test, staging, and production database environments
   - Learn what changed between database versions

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Screenshot #1 - Database Selection Form:

Using MSSQL.SchemaDiff is simple.  Run the single executable (no install necessary).  Select the two databases to compare.  Click compare.

Screenshot #2 - Status Box:

The comparison is running. You can cancel if desired.

Screenshot #3 - Main Results Form:

The results window follows SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) layout.  A tree control on the left contains the SQL objects, and a datagrid on the right lists the property names, left and right database values, and whether or not they are equal.  Red text indicates a difference with the given object or property.  Dark red indicates a difference in a child object or property.  Note that the bang (!) column will contain a side-by-side text viewer button (not visible in this sample screen) to click when the left or right database values are larger than 20 characters (stored procs, views, functions, etc.).

Screenshot #4 - Side-by-Side Diff Viewer:

Stored procedures, functions, views, and other objects / properties that are larger than 20 character in length can be viewed side-by-side in the Diff Viewer.

Screenshot #5 - Legend:

What do the various buttons do and icons mean?

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