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Author: WinTestGear
Version Number: - Release Notes - Wish List
Revision Date: December 23, 2009
Byte Size: 126KB  (25KB zipped)
License: Freeware, Warranty Disclaimer
Cost: Free
Requirements: .NET Framework 3.5 installed.
Installation: No installation; simply copy & paste the single EXE file where you need it.
Screen Shots: Main Form, File Selection Dialog, Command Line Window, Command Line Usage

When developing or testing software, there are times when you need to reset a file's date and
   time created, last modified, and/or last accessed.  FileTouch modifies file date/times on individual files, or
   sets of files.  Simply run the single executable (no install necessary), fill out the form, then click the Touch
   button.  Note that FileTouch also runs in command line mode for simple batch file execution allowing you to
   automate your testing.

If FileTouch does not fulfill your needs, then consider trying one of these similar products offered by
   other vendors: Gregory Braun's FileTouch, or TouchPro.

Screenshot #1 - Main Form:

Screenshot #2 - File Selection Dialog:

Screenshot #3 - Command Line Window:

Screenshot #4 - Command Line Usage:

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