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File Touch
FileTouch is a free test utility used to reset a file's date and time created, last modified, and/or last accessed.  File date/times can be modified on individual files, or sets of files.  Simply run the single executable (no install necessary), fill out the form, then click the Touch button. 
MSSQL.DataMask is a free, simple tool that quickly sanitizes a clone of your production database into a safe, secure test database.  Once built, the process is easily repeatable to refresh your test data from production. You can either load and re-run a set of data masks from the application, or generate a fully documented tSQL script to modify, run, or schedule as your needs dictate.

MSSQL Schema Diff quickly and easily locates structural differences between two SQL Server
databases.  It compares the properties of tables, columns, keys, constraints, triggers, indexes, views,
synonyms, stored procedures, functions, users, and roles. Changes, additions, and deletions are listed.

Retired Products
These apps can still be downloaded and run fine; but further enhancement has ceased.  TaskZip still works great despite being written in VB6 in early 2000.  Several other apps were written in MS-Access 97 / 2000 and can be upgraded to newer versions of Access via the built-in upgrade.
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